Message from the General Manager

For the last eighteen years, we have genuinely, consistently and dedicatedly been serving our customers who would go all the cliffs day and night to build their dreams and their nation.

We and you know that we have been of a great help to the country’s construction sector by providing quality PP-R and PVC pipes and fittings. We believe we bridged gaps in this regard.

As time is getting more expensive now a days, we understand our clients want to cut costs related to time taking issues.  In this connection, we also wanted to support you by lessening the time needed to access information about our company.

As a result, we are delighted to disclose that we officially launched our new official website that will connect us with our clients and partners online so effectively. The launching of this website is aimed at easing access to information about us and/or our products, and hence, it will be helpful for clients to access details about us wherever they are.  We invite you to visit our website, hunt for products of your interests from the abundant list of product category and come to our stores with a decision already made.

Finally, we appreciate our suppliers and customers’ trust and commitment to collaborate with us all these years. You can expect a lot of good news from Pommy International in the coming few years. 

God be with us!

Aschalew Mulatu

General Manager,

Pommy International